Douze hommes en colère


From 03 to 05 October 2024

From Thursday 3 to Saturday 5 October 2024.

Written by Reginald Rose. Adapted by Francis Lombrail. Directed by Charles Tordjaman.

In the United States, a young man from humble origins is accused of murdering his father and faces the death penalty. Twelve men, during the deliberations of a trial, have the responsibility of judging him. While his guilt is obvious to eleven of them, one juror expresses doubts and, with perseverance, tries to appeal to the intelligence and humanity of each of them. A life is in their hands.

Made famous by Sidney Lumet's film, the 1954 masterpiece Twelve Angry Men, written by the American Reginald Rose, plunges us into a high-voltage, psychological huis clos. Seventy years on, this eminently modern play invites us to question the way in which justice is dispensed, and shows us the extent to which ineradicable prejudice and intolerance can decide a man's life.

Thursday, October 3 - 8pm
Friday, october 4 - 8pm
Saturday, October 5 - 3pm

  • La Cuisine
    155 Boulevard du Mercantour
    06200 Nice

  • Reduced price: 30 €, Associate member: 15 to 25 €, Adult: 35 €, Teenager (26 years): 10 €, Child (12 years): 10 €.

  • +33 (0)4 93 13 19 00

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