Amélie Mauguin Exhibition


From 03 to 10 July 2024

From 03/07 to 10/07/2024, daily.

Amélie is a self-taught artist. She has shown her taste for art since a young age. Very manual, she continued to nurture her attraction to the visual arts by subsequently collaborating with artists and creative directors.

At 28, Amélie has to leave her job to concentrate on family matters for several months. She will then instinctively use her free time to reconnect with her childhood aspirations. Painting is a revelation, however, the well-trodden path that she left gives her food for thought. For a year, Amélie questions her identity while continuing her experiments in abstract painting. She wins the most precious gift, freedom, and paints “I feel like I’m drowning”, the first work in her first collection: The Unexpected.

His art is the result of personal questioning directly linked to societal issues such as the difficulty of finding the balance between personal development, professional career and family duty, the ability to find meaning in one's life, one's decisions and one's actions, or that one has to assume them in order to feel free from all social pressure and limiting beliefs.

His brushstrokes connote the worlds of street art and calligraphy, they suggest the use of Indian ink, which is absent from his paintings, and offer everyone the possibility of capturing a figurative part in abstract creations. His paintings are paradoxes. We detect a harmonious unstructured whole, a humble and accessible plot, a wildly calm and soothing energy and shadows full of light.
Amélie combines these oppositions and contrasts to convey messages. That of hope, knowing that everything is possible. And that of the unexpected, to support its impact in our lives and all the poetry it has to offer us. His works are an invitation to the pleasure of beauty in all humility, and to benevolent reflection in all lightness.

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