“The Circus do its games” exhibition


From 13 July to 29 September 2024

From 13/07 to 29/09/2024, daily between 2 pm and 7 pm.

"The Circus do its games" exhibition
From 13 July to 29 September
Espace culturel - Free admission
Open every day from 2pm to 7pm

The summer exhibition returns this year with the theme "Le Cirque fait ses Jeux". To coincide with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the exhibition will pay tribute to the Cirque Olympique founded by Antonio Franconi, taking visitors back in time to the Roman games and the Circus Maximus, the great Olympic champions of the 20th century and their relationship with the circus, and old-fashioned games and toy automatons to delight children.
*From the collection of Dr Alain Frère*.

Whether you're looking at engravings of the Circus maximus, bronzes of Roman chariots, games and toy automata that are still in working order, or large posters of 20th-century Olympic champions, this exhibition is sure to surprise you.

Magic shows every Sunday at the Espace Culturel at 4pm and 5pm, free of charge.

Mr Triton
21 July - 1, 22 and 29 September
3rd at the last World Magic Championships, Mr Triton returns with a breathtaking and innovative show in which he brilliantly combines visual magic and new technologies.

Michel Kaplan
14 July - 18 August
With Magic Show, Michel Kaplan shares his magical and mysterious universe with you, taking you on a journey into the wonderful world of illusion. It's a fun, interactive show in which children are expected to take an active part!

Xavier Chatel
25 August - 15 September
Xavier Chatel presents his "MAGIFIQUE" show. An interactive magic show in which spectators, coached by the magician, are presented as the new stars of tomorrow!

Stephen Lucy
21 and 28 July - 4 and 11 August
Stephen Lucy has won several awards, including the Colombe d'Or. His universe is magnificently magical and poetic, but also very funny... On 4 August, he'll be presenting a special clown act.

Nicolas Stutzmann
8 September
With his show 'Verballons', Nicolas Stutzmann and his pneumatic creatures take us into a playful, original universe, full of words and colours.

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