La Vie Poème


01 December 2023

Friday 1st of December 2023 at 8 pm.

La Vie Poème is a "heart-to-heart" conversation, an unforgettable and unique moment served up by the flow of Capitaine Alexandre and pianist Caroline Bentz, who sublimates the sparkle of the words.

La Vie Poème is an invitation to inhabit the world poetically, to wear the poem in your voice and in your everyday life.

Poet, slammer and novelist Marc Alexandre Oho Bambe, known as Capitaine Alexandre, carries poetry within him. He has published ten books, including Le Chant des possibles (winner of the Académie Française's Paul Verlaine poetry prize in 2015), Diên Biên Phù (winner of the Louis Guilloux prize in 2018), and La Vie Poème, published by Mémoire d'Encrier in 2022.

A pianist and poet, Caroline Bentz is influenced by composers such as Chopin, Satie, Yann Tiersen, Tigran Hamasyan, Agnès Obel and the Surrealist poets. She writes, composing with the silence from which the words and notes of her soul blossom.

"Words sway and dance in this poetry of passion, chanting the urgency of a loving heart, and that's very rare" Le Devoir

Marc Alexandre Oho Bambe dit Capitaine Alexandre, slam artist
Caroline Bentz, piano

Production: Compagnie Les Belles Personnes

  • Théâtre Francis-Gag
    4 rue de la Croix
    06300 Nice

  • 04 92 00 78 50

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