Nice, from the land to the plate

Nice’s table reflects the notion of well-being and respect for regional products. Some establishments, recognisable by their nameplate, hold the Cuisine Nissarde label, a guarantee of respect for the tradition that can be found on the tables.

Nice, respect for the land

Nice is an agricultural town with 2 PDO’s on its territory. This corresponds well to its population, which has always been turned towards the land. Olives – PDO for the Nice olive, its oil and paste -, citrus fruits, wine – PDO for the Bellet wine, white, rosé and red – and other market garden crops have always been part of the local economy and have shaped its landscape. Flowers have long been a factor of renown, with the carnation in the lead. The number of farms without pesticides and chemical fertilizers in the Alpes Maritimes is 2.5 times the national average.

Today, many farmers in the Alpes-Maritimes produce – often organically – everything you need to enjoy yourself. You can also find them on the main markets and sometimes for direct sale at the farm. This is a guarantee of quality.

Discover Nice through its markets

The market here is a tradition, a lifestyle and even an education in good manners! It is, in fact, a pleasant exchange where everyone is an actor in a timeless playlet in which, by magic, the local identity becomes the only setting through all the senses.

In fact, the market remains a very popular place in the city. It is also a reflection of local production and changes in lifestyle: organic and sustainable products, short circuits, and seasonality are all present.

Cours Saleya is one of the liveliest places in Old Nice. It is, in other words, a must for tourists and locals alike. You will find the Marché aux Fleurs, classified by the Conseil National des Arts Culinaires as one of the most exceptional markets in France, the Marché aux Fruits et Légumes de la Libération and the Marché aux Poissons on the Place Saint-François where you can find a multitude of freshly caught fish!

“La Cuisine Nissarde” fulfils its vocation: the transmission of a heritage

The city of Nice is keen to promote “La Cuisine Niçoise” by offering a place to pass on and learn about culinary and traditional know-how. This is why the “Atelier Cuisine Niçoise” has been offering local cooking classes. Located in the heart of the Old Town, within the Senate Palace, this workshop is open to people wishing to learn how to make the emblematic recipes of the Cuisine Nissarde before tasting them on-site or taking them away.

“La Cuisine Nissarde” and its heritage label

With its quality label, the “Cuisine Nissarde” reflects the art of living and the respect of regional products always accompanied by the famous olive oil and all aromatic plants.

Today, many young chefs are setting up shop and becoming essential addresses where the setting, the plate, the product and the welcome are at the heart of their establishment. They are absolutely worth discovering because it is above all a family cuisine, often passed on from parents to children, made with local produce!

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