Nice Côte d’Azur in 50 shades of blue

27 January 2023

What do you think best defines the colour blue? An agapanthus? A sapphire? A curaçao liqueur? For me, what best defines blue is my Nice Côte d’Azur! To convince you of this, I have made a selection of 10 photos taken by fans of the destination #explorenicecotedazur!

Blue, more blue, always blue… It seems that this colour was invented here, on the French Riviera. The term “Côte d’Azur” appeared for the first time in 1887 on the cover of a collection of stories by Stephen Liégeard, a senior civil servant of the Second Empire. The term quickly went viral, dethroning the term “Riviera”.

I’m not particularly a “flowery person”, but how could I not fall in love with Nice Côte d’Azur and its festival of blues? Sky blue, pastel blue, turquoise blue, indigo blue, ultramarine blue, navy blue, midnight blue, azure blue, duck blue or royal blue… Here, the colour blue is omnipresent and it does you good!

Did you know : The symbolism of blue

Blue is generally associated with calmness and stability, but also with well-being, spirituality and serenity. No wonder that when you look at the sea, you immediately feel more relaxed and less stressed! It’s also no wonder that blue skies make us feel optimistic and invite us to gaze into the distance… Blue is certainly the most beautiful colour, isn’t it?

1 – We admire the blue as a horizon

And we are amazed by this incredible shade of blue!
📷 @elsamartin.e

2 – Send yourself a postcard with just the right amount of blue to be happy

“The azure blue sky in the morning promises, to anyone who knows how to dream, a sun at its zenith and a coveted twilight”.
📷 @coconutsandchampagne

3 – Take a dip (but not only) in the Big Blue!

Lay down your towel and go for a swim without delay in the calm waters of the Baie des Anges.
📷 @journaldunenicoise

4 – Lounging on the mythical Chaise Bleue

What would the Promenade des Anglais be without its legendary Chaises Bleues? The people of Nice are very attached to them!
📷 @as_1.7.6

5 – Ride your hair in the wind on a Blue Bike

The self-service Blue Bike is the perfect way to go green and feel free as a bird.
📸 @valentin.donato

6 – Enjoy the serenity of the blue hour

That precise moment between day and night when the sky turns blue in an exceptional way.
📸 @chris06travel

7 – We like to see life in blue

The art of living in Nice attracts visitors from all over the world.
📸 @betty.flk

8 – Open your lavender blue shutters and enjoy the most beautiful view

How about a room and breakfast on the terrace with a splendid sea view?
📸 @mycasanice

9 – Playing with the children in the blue reflections of the water mirror

“When everything goes wrong, look at yourself in the mirror”. Chinese proverb –
📸 @tao_paysage

10 – Leaving the coast for a natural blue getaway

Like a desire to disconnect and be in osmosis with an intact and preserved nature?
📸 @_coraline_83

10 beautiful “blue” reasons to love Nice Côte d’Azur forever!

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