Top 10 instagrammable spots of Nice

1 September 2021

If you’re a photography fan or simply looking for spots to sublimate your Instagram feed, you’ve come to the right place! Breathtaking landscapes, special light, exceptional colours and an architectural palette await you in the Côte d’Azur capital. So instagrammer friends, get your camera or smartphone and join me on a tour of the most beautiful spots in Nice!

1 – The famous giant hashtag #ILoveNice

Top 10 instagrammable : #ILoveNice

We love Nice…

Do you want to leave with THE souvenir photo of Nice?

Go to the quai Rauba-Capeù to immortalise your love for Bella Nissa. The #ILoveNice structure is a must for tourists and locals alike. With its play of light and shade, the Grande Bleue and the mountains (dressed in their white coats in winter) as a backdrop, your photo will be transformed into a real painting. And for the most original, be creative in your poses. Just one piece of advice: let your imagination run wild!

2 – Breathtaking scenery from the Castle Hill

Nice, between sea and mountains.

Let’s head for my favourite spot: the Castle Hill! Believe me, the climb is really worth it. On the way up, you will admire a succession of remarkable landscapes all as different as each other. Baie des Anges, the red roof-tops of Vieux-Nice and Port Lympia, you will have a wide range of choices for your shots. Don’t forget to leave some space on your camera for the next spots! And for the less athletic, a lift is at your disposal in Rue des Ponchettes.

You’ve made it! Now at the top of the hill, how about taking a break for a few moments to contemplate the amazing view of “Nice between sea and mountain”? It’s time for a selfie!

It is often said that the future belongs to those who get up early, I also say that the most beautiful photos belong to those who get up early! You understand why dawn remains my favourite time to get there. But I won’t hide from you that at sunset, if you don’t have a starry sky, you will have stars in your eyes! You will be dazzled by the magic that takes place on the sea side and you can be proud to add on your Instagram post the hashtag #nofilterneeded.

Bonus: Take a photo of yourself in front of the waterfall, a veritable curtain of water in the Château, where the luckiest can get to see a rainbow. Who knows, maybe we will manage to find the cauldron full of gold coins!

Top 10 instagrammable : La colline du Château

3 – The colourful “pointus” of Port Lympia

Top 10 instagrammable :Le Port de Nice

A range of colours…

Do you know those little colourful boats you can see on the Port of Nice? They are called “pointus“.

Maintained by enthusiasts, these charming wooden fishing boats, whose bow and stern end in a “point”, are an integral part of Nice’s maritime heritage.

We like to photograph them for their thousand and one bright colours. With such a postcard-like spotlight, you won’t leave the phone empty!

The Port Lympia and its small boats have the power to teleport me back to my childhood where I used to compare them to a stand of colourful slippers, those traditional leather slippers whose front also ends in a point.

Bonus : Don’t hesitate to stroll along the port to soak up the little Italian air hovering around the typical Genoese architecture buildings.

4 – Le Plongeoir, a restaurant overlooking the sea

An idyllic setting on the Grande Bleue for an atypical experience.

Discover a restaurant unlike any other…. Rare are the establishments that bear their name so well! Rendezvous at Le Plongeoir, a restaurant from which you would almost feel like taking a dip in the water! But… let’s be reasonable and take advantage of the opportunity to savour dishes to the sound of the lapping waves.

From the top of its emblematic rock, planted in the middle of the waves, Le Plongeoir overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. You will be seduced by the simple and refined decoration of this restaurant where you will feel like you are on a boat, but… without feeling seasick!

It is the ideal spot to immortalise romantic moments under the blazing halo of the sunset. The shades of colour of the sky combine to offer us an extraordinary masterpiece.

For my part, I appreciate this spot at night when the Diving Board sparkles with a thousand lights, but also by day when the blue of the sky embraces that of the sea.brasse celui de la mer.

Top 10 instagrammable :Le Plongeoir

5 – The 360° panorama from the Saint-François Tower

Top 10 instagrammable :La Tour Saint François

288 steps later… a grandiose spectacle.

Built during the 13th century, the Tour Saint-François was the church’s bell tower before becoming a clock tower. From its 50 metre height, the Tower overlooks the town.

If the Castle Hill offers the possibility to reach the top without effort, the Saint-François Tower does not. But… all beauty is deserved! So put on your trainers and set off to climb the 288 steps of the Clock Tower. You will notice that the ascent is punctuated by the sound of the bell and the clock.

On arrival, you will feel like you are touching the city with your fingertips, everything seems so much closer. You will be treated to a range of sensational landscapes in one and the same photo: from the sea, through the Old Town, the greenery of Nice’s parks and gardens, to the hinterland. One thing’s for sure, you’re going to get a great view (just like your camera)!

6 – The Vieux-Nice and its picturesque alleyways

A colourful stroll that will awaken all your senses…

After overlooking the Old Nice, what would you say to going there to discover it more closely?

Let’s go for a stroll through the picturesque alleys which are full of all kinds of treasures. Can you smell those aromas that have been bewitching you since you entered the “Vieux”? They are none other than the scents of spices and products offered by the many restaurateurs present. I can already hear my stomach rumbling.

colourful magic sets in during the walk. Yellow, orange, red… These are the colours of Nissa that we find on the charming facades. The opportunity to bring back a postcard directly from your smartphone will not often present itself to you. And it’s easy to see why the city of Nice attracts so many painters.

Treasures are hiding around every corner. Your eyes will be guided to the majestic religious heritage.

By turning your lens towards the sky, you will capture a perfect geometry: crosses take shape at the crossroads of luminous buildings and the blue sky (it is true that the photos are even more beautiful when the sky is clear of clouds).

And to finish off, go to the Cours Saleya Flower Market to get some colour! (Open from Tuesday to Sunday)

Top 10 instagrammable : Le Vieux Nice

7 – Under the arcades of the Cours Jacques Chirac

Top 10 instagrammable :Le Cours Jacques Chirac

The brand-new, high-light, instagrammable spotlight.

Between the Cours Saleya and the Promenade des Anglais, the Cours Jacques Chirac is revealed. Inaugurated just last February, we find in its centre a statue honouring our former President of the Republic.

This spot is appreciated by lovers of photography for its play of light and shadow.

Stand at the level of the famous arcades that open onto the palm trees lining the Promenade des Anglais and the magnificent azure blue sea. A backdrop you never tire of!

Bonus: A stroll on the other side of the course will immerse you in a completely different setting. In front of these small colourful buildings, I immediately let myself be transported into a South American atmosphere.

8 – Place Masséna, such a photogenic jewel

An open-air museum.

If the Promenade des Anglais is known to be the most famous site in Nice, the Place Masséna also remains a must which will seduce more than one.

From your very first steps, you will be impressed by its chic chequered floor, one of the elements that makes Masséna so unique. I don’t know about you but I would almost be tempted by a giant game of draughts!

On the north side, elegant arcaded buildings dressed in red await you. On the East side, this time, a view of the charming Tuscan hills awaits you.

But you are not at the end of your surprises! Place Masséna is a real open-air museum. The works of art imagined by the Spanish artist Jaume Plensa do not go unnoticed. Entitled “Conversation in Nice”, these seven translucent statues represent communities from the seven continents. You will appreciate them all the more at night when they are randomly illuminated with several bright colours, giving the impression that they are talking to each other.

A few metres further on, the famous Fountain of the Sun features several legends from Greek mythology. In its centre stands Apollo with a surprising statue that watches over the whole square. Get out your camera and… 1,2,3 CHEESE !

How about a little height? I suggest you go up to the floors of the Galeries Lafayette and take a break at the Bella Bay. You will be charmed by the view that this restaurant offers over the entire Place Masséna.

Top 10 instagrammable :Place Masséna

Bonus: Take advantage of the proximity of the Promenade du Paillon, the real green lung of Nice, to take superb photographs on the water mirror, where you’ll feel as if your head is upside down!

9 – St. Nicholas’ Orthodox Cathedral

Top 10 instagrammable : Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe

Once upon a time in the kingdom of the Russian Empire…

Would you like to have a little getaway in Moscow without leaving Nice?

Head to the Imperial Park area where the spectacular Russian Orthodox Cathedral is located. A change of scenery guaranteed!

You will be impressed by both the grandeur and architectural splendour of this cathedral. Did you know that it is the most important building of its kind built outside Russia? Indeed, it bears witness to the Russian influence of the 19th century on the French Riviera. Classified as a Historic Monument, the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas was this year included in the top 14 of the programme Le Monument préféré des français (France’s favourite monument). It is always a source of pride to see a monument from our region shine!

Don’t you think the Cathedral is sprinkled with magic like in a fairy tale? In front of it, I can’t help but think of the magnificent castle at Disneyland. My eyes even imagine a starry path orbiting all around the building. What a beauty!

10 – La Cascade de Gairaut, a secret corner

An ideal place to recharge your batteries along the water’s edge.

And to end this little tour in beauty, I propose you to discover a secret corner that rhymes with serenity.

Perched on the hills of Nice, the Cascade de Gairaut is one of the most unusual spots in the region. At its summit stands a wooden chalet of Austrian inspiration. Don’t miss the small path leading to the rock caves. They offer a beautiful window overlooking the waterfall and its exceptional panorama overlooking the city, the surrounding hills and the sea. You are spoiled!

Finally, don’t be surprised if small guests sneak up on you. Yes, the ducks will give you a warm welcome at the foot of the waterfall!

Now it’s your turn!

Now that you know my top 10 photo spots of Nice, it’s up to you! Capture your pictures and share them by mentioning the hashtags #ILoveNice and #ExploreNiceCotedAzur to see them appear on our pages! Your followers will envy you. Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Nice is a multi-faceted destination and has no shortage of beautiful places to explore and photograph. It’s up to you to discover them and share them with us!

And if you haven’t already done so, follow us on social networks to discover new images of Nice every day!

The sense of wonder continues…


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