Grand Pays


29 April 2025

Tuesday 29 April 2025
Opening hours on Tuesday between 8 pm and 9.30 pm.

"Do we really want to live in a country that, on all the pediments of all its town halls, all its schools, in all its cities, displays a value that is not applied in its laws?"
Faustine Noguès.

Three citizens accused of the crime of solidarity join forces to have the principle of Fraternité legally recognized by the French Constitutional Council. Freely inspired by the trials of Cédric Herrou, and the events that took place in the Roya Valley following the reintroduction of border controls in 2015, Grand Pays revives the debate around the offence of solidarity, and deals with the question of militant commitment and the construction of the media leader with complexity and humor. A funny and jubilant fiction that proposes a legal, ideological and philosophical debate around the republican value of Fraternity.

  • Salle Juliette Greco
    5 boulevard de la Colle Belle
    06510 Carros

  • Full price: 18 €, Reduced price: 14 €, Associate member: 12 €, Student: 5 €.

  • 04 93 08 76 07

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