Getting around by bus and tramway

Getting around easily and cheaply thanks to the inter and intra-city bus and tramway networks…

The Lignes d’Azur network

The Lignes d’Azur network offers you:

  • over 140 bus routes in the 51 towns and villages of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolitan Area.
  • the tramway in Nice :
    – the N° 1 line provides a north/east connection via the city center by Avenue Jean Médecin and Place Masséna and allows you to travel 21 hours a day!
    – the N° 2 line provides a west-east connection from the airport (or CADAM) to the city center (Jean Médecin station) ending at the Port of Nice
    – the N° 3 line 3 provides a connection between the airport and Saint-Isidore via the Allianz Riviera Stadium
  •  A combined bus/tram ticket with many connection possibilities
  • Various types of tickets for occasional travel: Multi 10 trips, 1-day pass, 7-day pass, Parcazur (round trip), TicketAzur
  • 9 Parcazur park and ride lots allow you to park for free and reach the city center by streetcar Parcazur Park and Ride

New in 2023

Since 1st July 2023, Lignes d’Azur has introduced news services, “contactless” cards and new rates!

The Lignes d’Azur Tickets application will be essential to manage your journeys on the local transport network

Your smartphone : all you need in your pocket! 📱

With the application you can :

  • Purchase and validate des titres de transport : you can purchase and validate your tickets directly from the application. This means you no longer need to search for a top-up terminal or go to a sales outlet to buy a physical card.
  • Subscription management: the application lets you easily manage your monthly, weekly and daily subscriptions. You can take out new subscriptions, renew existing ones and view details of your active subscriptions.

You can take advantage of other features that will help you plan your routes, get real-time information on the network and make it easier to get around the region by public transport.

Good to know 💡: on Android smartphones, you can keep and validate your tickets directly from the app or top them up on your card. On Apple smartphones, on the other hand, you need to have a contactless card to travel and top it up from the app.

The new contactless cards

Lignes d’Azur’s new contactless cards give passengers easy access to public transport using modern technology that eliminates the need to handle cash or paper tickets, offering a more convenient and secure experience. There are therefore three ways to acquire a contactless card: :

@ Lignes d’Azur

“Ma Carte”

This is a card for all users. It can be reloaded at will and is personal (name + photo) for €2. It can be used to buy and top up occasional tickets and all season tickets. If you already have your personal card, it will still be valid. If you lose it, Lignes d’Azur will reissue it with all the tickets you have purchased.

  • Where to buy it: sales offices, mobile agencies and website.
  • Where to top it up: sales offices, mobile agencies, ticket vending machines, Lignes d’Azur points of sale, mobile applications and website.
@ Lignes d’Azur

“La Carte”

This is a card for occasional travellers. It can be recharged at will and is anonymous, costing €2 which is refundable. It can be used to buy and top up occasional tickets (Solo, Multi Voyages, Pass for one or more days).

  • Where to buy: sales agencies, mobile agencies,ticket machines and Lignes d’Azur sales outlets.
  • Where to top it up: sales offices, mobile agencies, ticket vending machines, Lignes d’Azur sales outlets and mobile applications.
@ Lignes d’Azur

The “Solo Secours”

This is an “emergency” card for sales on board buses: you can use it if you haven’t downloaded the application onto your smartphone or if you don’t have a physical contactless card. This emergency card can be reloaded at will, just like “La Carte”. It is anonymous and can be shared. Immediate cost €4 (“Solo Secours” voucher €2 + reloadable card €2 = €4).

  • Only available on buses, and the only ticket available on buses.
@Lignes d’Azur

Ticket Aéro

This is also a contactless ticket that allows occasional travellers to make a return airport-city centre trip for €10.
There is no expiry date.

The ZOU! regional network

The ZOU! regional transport network allows you to travel by bus in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region by serving the communes of the area in detail.

It also connects the major cities of the departments and serves the airports and train stations of the region.