Les Vagues


From 22 to 23 November 2024

From Friday 22 to Saturday 23 November 2024.

In this adaptation of Virginia Woolf's novel The Waves, the story's characters, five ice puppets, unwind the thread of their destiny.

In the shadows, five puppeteers lend them life and speech before entering the light. Their subtly choreographed dialogue immerses us in a poetic universe full of magic that amazes us.
Five characters, five friends in search of themselves, evolve according to the atmospheric variations of a seascape, from dawn to dusk. Fascinated by the energy and intensity of the novel, puppeteer Élise Vigneron chose to adapt it for the theater and represent these characters with human-sized ice figures. We are invited to live a sensitive experience, as fragile as the ice melting before our eyes, to better feel the metamorphosis taking place on an individual, collective and cosmic scale. A poetic chorus of ice that celebrates the beauty of the ephemeral and the porosity between worlds.

"Through the materialization of these characters into ice figures - beings-time who unite in the flow of the wave - I am interested in the phenomenon of metamorphosis present on an individual, collective and cosmic scale. The Waves is a piece -puzzle where meaning is born from the meeting of different materials: matter, body, light, text, voice, music They will work together to create an organic form, a dramaturgical drawing to be experienced through a sensitive experience. explore the material memory of our body, experience belonging to the infinite matter of our world."
Élise Vigneron

Virginia Woolf
Translation by Cécile Wajsbrot
Direction & scenography Élise Vigneron
With Chloée Sanchez, Zoé Lizot, Loïc Carcassès, Thomas Cordeiro, Azusa Takeuchi alternating with Yumi Osanai

Friday November 22 - 8 p.m.
Saturday November 23 - 8 p.m.

  • La Cuisine
    155 Boulevard du Mercantour
    06200 Nice

  • Reduced price: 30 €, Associate member: 15 to 25 €, Adult: 35 €, Teenager (26 years): 10 €, Child (12 years): 10 €.

  • +33 (0)4 93 13 19 00

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