Matrimonio d’Inverno

Dinner / Meal show

From 06 to 08 December 2024

From Friday 6 to Sunday 8 December 2024
Opening hours on Friday and Saturday between 8 pm and 10.30 pm. On Sunday between 7 pm and 9.30 pm.

"Human" is perhaps the most appropriate word to describe what is offered to the guests sharing the table prepared by Paola and Stefano.

Paola and Stefano invite you around their table to tell you about their love, the love that binds them to Ariette, to the fields, to their animals, to the friends and comrades of a lifetime. But also their love of theater, cooking and farming, their love of time as it passes, transforming lives, bodies, thoughts and feelings. Today, they open their kitchen to you, the kitchen of their memories. Because this unquenchable desire for impossible sharing only subsides (and temporarily) when you arrive, sit down around the table, and look at them. At that very moment, the winter wedding ceremony begins.

  • Forum Jacques Prévert
    1 Rue des Oliviers
    06510 Carros

  • Full price: 25 €, Reduced price: 20 €.

  • +33(0)4 93 08 76 07

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