Music is Coming – Lords of the Sound


02 May 2025

Friday 2 May 2025 at 8 pm.

Lords of the Sound returns with an exciting new show: Music is Coming.

"Music is Coming" is an incredible fusion of live orchestral sound, vocal ensemble and the real magic present in your favorite fantasy films and video games.
In a vibrant performance by the orchestra members, music from renowned films and video games such as "Game of Thrones", "The Mandalorian", "Vikings", "Dune", "Harry Potter", "The Witcher", "Lord of the Rings", "Wonder Woman", "The Chronicles of Narnia", "Avatar", "Fantastic Beasts", "Mad Max", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Mortal Kombat", "Star Wars", "Matrix", "The Fifth Element", "Pirates of the Caribbean", and many more.
These films may vary in genre and plot, but they're all united by the true magic beyond Hogwarts that the LORDS OF THE SOUND orchestra creates through music.
Every note, every movement of the conductor, every instrument allows listeners to immerse themselves in other worlds, where fairy tales, myths, dragons, unseen creatures and supernatural power exist.
Be sure to join us and discover all the power of live musical enchantment!
The "Music is Coming" program will feature musicians from the orchestra, a rock band, talented soloists and a vocal ensemble.
We promise you an evening of unforgettable experiences and musical wonders!

  • Palais Nikaia
    163 Boulevard du Mercantour
    06200 Nice

  • Full price: 25 to 79 €.

  • +33(0)04 92 29 31 29

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