Getting to Eze

Located just a few kilometres from Nice, Eze is easy to get to and the roads offer breathtaking panoramic views!

✈️ Nice Côte d’Azur airport is 18 km from Eze.

Spread out over the 3 corniches, Eze is accessible by several roads, depending on what you want to do:

  • The Grande Corniche will take you to the Plateau de la Justice trail, in the Grande Corniche departmental park, via the Col d’Eze;
  • The Moyenne Corniche will take you to the hilltop village;
  • And the Basse Corniche, or seaside road, will take you to the beaches and small coves.
Vue aérienne du village perché d'Eze

Getting to Eze by train from Nice

TER trains run along the Basse Corniche to the Eze seafront in just a few minutes:

🚆 Departure: Nice-Ville, Nice-Saint-Augustin or Nice-Riquier stations
🚆 Arrival: Eze-sur-mer TER station (on the Basse Corniche)

Reaching the village of Eze from the seafront:

🚌 By bus

From Eze-sur-mer station, a bus will take you to Eze village, but also to Grande Corniche:
Line 83: Baie des Fourmis (to Beaulieu-sur-mer) ➔ Eze-sur-mer station ➔ Eze village ➔ Plateau de la Justice.
Find timetables on the Lignes d’Azur network website.

🚶🏻‍♂️ By foot
Take the Chemin de Nietzsche , which links the Basse and Moyenne Corniche.

Getting to Eze by bus from Nice

From Nice, you can reach the hilltop village or the heights of Eze directly by bus!

🚌 Route 82: Vauban ➔ Eze village ➔ Plateau de la Justice
Find timetables on the Lignes d’Azur network website

💡 To get to the seaside, take the train from Nice, or walk down from the village along the Chemin de Nietzsche.

Getting to Eze by car

🚗 By car, Eze is 25 minutes from Nice and Monaco on the motorway:

  • From the west: exit 56 – Monaco. Then take the M6007 to the village.
  • From the east: Exit 58 – Monaco. Then take the D6007 to the village.

💡 From Nice, you can also take the seafront or Moyenne Corniche directly to Eze, while enjoying the panoramic views from the road.

Getting around Eze on foot

🚶🏻‍♂️ 3 paths link the 3 cornices and allow you to move between the seafront, the village and the Grande Corniche park:

  • The Nietzsche path between the seafront and the hilltop village;
  • The Serre de Fourque path between the Moyenne and Grande Corniche;
  • The Savaric path between the Basse and Grande Corniche.

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