Choc des Titans


22 November 2024

Friday 22 November 2024 at 8 pm.

Saturday 23 November 2024 at 3 pm.

From classical Vienna to modern Vienna: our new principal conductor and our two super-soloists Věra Nováková and Magali Prévot invite us on a... titanic journey!

If every note by the divine Mozart deserves to be heard, his Symphonie concertante is one of his most admirable masterpieces. By turns energetic and elegiac, they are a world in themselves, expressing the joys and sorrows of the human heart. This astonishingly modern work in both form and content will give us the chance to hear our two super-soloists Věra Nováková and Magali Prévot shine. A full century later, Mahler was also exploring the depths of the human soul, but with different orchestral means: his first symphony is a manifesto in which the symphony orchestra becomes a vast fresco whose ambitions are clearly expressed by its nickname, Titan!

  • Opéra Nice Côte d'Azur
    4/6 rue Saint-François de Paule
    06300 Nice

  • Adult: 10 to 34 €.

  • 04 92 17 40 79

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