Église Saint-Martin dite Saint-Augustin

Located on the very low-key Place Saint Augustin, a short walk from Place Garibaldi, Saint Martin Church hides magnificent works behind its Baroque style, particular to the religious buildings of the Vieux Nice.

Saint Martin de Saint Augustin Church is one of the oldest churches in the Vieux Nice, along with Sainte Réparate and Sainte Rita. It is located on Place Saint Augustin at the north end of the Vieux Nice, a short walk from Place Garibaldi. In fact it was here that Giuseppe Garibaldi was baptised in 1807. In an Italian Baroque style, it houses abundant decoration with magnificent paintings and relics passed down through the centuries. So, do not underestimate its beauty and think of including it in your programme of visits.
Among the works it conceals, there is in particular a magnificent Pieta (representation of the Virgin Mary mourning her son Jesus Christ) created by the Nice artist Louis Brea, as well as a representation of Saint Anthony of Padua. In addition, four statues adorn its corners, each representing one of the evangelists: John with the eagle, Luke with the bull, Mark with the lion and Matthew with the angel. The Augustine monk Martin Luther celebrated a mass here in 1510. Although it is an important spot to visit in the city, Saint Martin Church remains a place of worship frequented by the inhabitants of Vieux Nice. It was registered as a Historic Monument in 1946.


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