Fédération de pêche des Alpes Maritimes

The Alpes Maritimes Departmental Federation for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environment acts for the development of fishing leisure and the protection of aquatic environments.

Our federation's mission is to coordinate the important work carried out in the department by the managers and members of each of the 19 AAPPMAs in the field of preserving natural fish habitats, rehabilitating degraded aquatic environments, and raising the awareness of citizens and their representatives of the issues related to the protection of aquatic ecosystems. It takes orientations in terms of management, based on a technical and scientific document: the PDPG (Departmental Plan for the Protection of the Aquatic Environment and Fish Management). 
It proposes and carries out awareness-raising activities for a wide public: children, teenagers and adults. 
It watches over the department's fish and fishery domain and ensures a strong mission of preservation and restoration of aquatic environments. 
It undertakes actions and studies to carry out multiple operations under the impulse of the Board of Directors and its Commissions. 

It develops and participates in promotional actions for fishing leisure and tourism.

Opening periods

All year round.
Opening of the fishing season according to the fish category: https://www.peche06.fr/4435-periodes-de-peche.htm.


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