Observations at sea with SeeOnSea

As part of our commitment to sustainable development, we aim to help our visitors learn more about our territory in order to better preserve it.

We support the SeeOnSea initiative, which makes it possible to list a set of observations on the biodiversity of a territory (fauna, flora, remarkable sites, natural events, etc.) and make them available to the general public. Users can thus consult the wonders and specificities of a territory in real time. Built around a concept of sharing and collaboration, each user publishes his or her own observations, either privately or publicly.

SeeOnSea is a solution for sharing observations made in aquatic environments (seas and oceans but also lakes and rivers). The concept is currently being extended to hikes anywhere on earth.

A “mini-wiki” gives the application an educational dimension by providing a wealth of information and photos on the observations entered.

See the observations in real time:

Would you like to participate in the project and share your own observations?
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