Nice: France’s greenest city

18 July 2023

Nice was recently named France’s greenest city by

The website has carried out a study based on aerial photos from the IGN ( National Geographic Institute) and analyzed by artificial intelligence to produce a census of French tree-covered areas. The result is a ranking of the greenest cities, with Nice at the top.


Key figures 💡

According to the report, Nice is the greenest large city in France, with 33% of its surface area planted with trees, representing 53 m² per inhabitant. Other major cities in the south of France come in behind Nice, with Montpellier at 32% and Marseille at 28%. With the French average being 25.46%, Nice is well ahead of the pack.

Thanks to all these trees, between 169 and 471 kt of CO2 are absorbed every year.

This isn’t the first time Nice has been voted France’s greenest city. In 2021, also placed Nice at the top of its ranking of cities with the most green spaces.

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