Nice, voted the greenest city in France

25 January 2022

The comparison website has compiled a ranking of cities with the most and least green spaces in their urban area. Nice is the first in this top 10.

Dans un classement réalisé fin 2021 par Le Lynx, Nice arriIn a ranking carried out at the end of 2021 by Le Lynx, Nice came first among the greenest cities in France.

85 cities were analysed by Le Lynx to produce this ranking. The result: Nice is the greenest city in France.

The online benchmarking tool based its study on wooded areas, urban green spaces (parks, gardens, etc.) and herbaceous vegetation in order to define an index that can be used to determine the number of trees and shrubs in the area.

With an excellent score of 75.72%, Nice is the greenest city in France. Located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, this majestic city has 50% of its surface covered by wooded areas and 20% by areas of herbaceous vegetation. These figures put Nice at the top of the list.

Overall, the greenest cities in France are mainly in the south of the country (Fréjus is in 4th place with a score of 64.08% and Cannes in 6th place with 56.80% of green areas). names the city of Nice as an example to follow!

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