How to spend a good holiday in a Nice Côte d’Azur resort without skiing

10 December 2023

Winter atmosphere in the resorts of Nice Côte d’Azur: abundant snow, breathtaking scenery. Everything is ready for offering you a dream holiday!

Are you more into snowshoeing, dog sledding, sledging or snowmobiling? Everything is possible here in compliance with health and hygiene rules!

1 – A snowshoe walk in the footsteps of the chamois

The marmots hibernate, that doesn’t matter, here the fauna awaits you all year round. Deer, chamois and foxes leave traces of their passage or can be glimpsed between two branches of larch trees. There is nothing better than snowshoes to approach them gently and quietly. In the Tinée, Valdeblore or Vésubie resorts, guides and escorts are waiting to take you to meet them.

And the little extra, targeted outings, at night for example, to discover the fauna in a different way.

To recharge your batteries, there are also meditative walks or yoga wellness walks. A whole programme to take care of oneself and feel the crunch of the snow under our feet, the wind in the branches, the freshness of a shadow and the beauty of a landscape. Breathe in, your head is in the clouds on the mountain tops….

Finally, there is something for all ages, outings and workshops are also proposed all winter long for children, such as the trapper walks in Isola 2000 and Auron with Guides Tinée Mercantour. In half a day for children from 6 years old accompanied by their parents, it is time to build hutsigloos, or a sensory walk in search of animal tracks.

Here are also a few snowshoeing ideas for wilderness enthusiasts, to be done alone or accompanied by a guide :

From the village of Saint Dalmas le Selvage, take a 3-hour walk to the Col d’Anelle circuit. Halfway along the route, a wooden chalet with free access awaits you. A stove, wood, you are like a real trapper in the middle of the larch forest. A change of scenery guaranteed!

Another idea, another valley, at Turini Camp d’Argent discover the Calmette path for a family walk starting from the pass. Musical works will brighten up your walk along the way.

Auron @OTM NCA / R.Palomba

Infos guides and accompanists:

Auron, Isola 2000 and Saint Dalmas le Selvage 

Guides Tinée Mercantour on 07 82 02 46 71

La Colmiane :

Tourist Information Bureau 04 93 02 10 30 or

La Bollène Vésubie – Turini Camp d’Argent 
Tourist Information Bureau : 04 93 03 60 54

2 – I can’t ski, the sled dog activity is waiting for me!

The dog sled teams of the White Wolf Sled in Isola 2000 and the Wild Spark in Auron are waiting for you for a very special adventure.

@The Wild Park

For a half-hour introductory course or a one-hour tour, you will be accompanied by passionate professionals who train their dogs all year round. You’ll race, as fast as the wind, behind Husky or Alaskan Malamute dogs for an unforgettable moment! On average a sled is pulled by a team of 8 dogs who can drive you around, both adults and children. The musher will then lead you on circuits in the forest, along routes reserved for sleds and Nordic activities.

Auron :
Isola 2000 :

At La Colmiane you can take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Rocked by the sound of the horses’ hooves. It is a way to discover the charms of the resort at your own pace.

Information and timetables in your Information Offices.

3 – Full speed ahead on a sledge!

In all the Nice Côte d’Azur winter resorts, toboggan runs have been set up to enjoy snow sports for those aged 2 to 99, and no need for skis. This is the perfect activity to get together with your family for a good laugh, which is the best remedy against gloom.

The toboggan runs are freely accessible all day long and you will find sledges for hire in the sports shops of your resort. The slopes have different steepness to vary the speed and difficulty, so that everybody, young or old, can go at their own pace.

Access toboggan runs: Auron at the Chastellarès car park, at Isola 2000, la Colmiane and Roubion-Les Buisses on the snow front, or next to the church at Saint Dalmas le Selvage. Info + : in Isola 2000 you can find next to the toboggan runs, the igloo village to enjoy the snow with your family.

For the fun: luge party animations, snowball fights are on the programme! Ask for the programme when you arrive at the resort, so you won’t miss any of the planned activities.

4 – The ice rink with family or friends

We love watching the skaters on television, but coming to the station is also a chance to get on the ice!

Auron@Plans sur la Comête

A fun activity you can do with your partner, with your family or friends, skating is an all-round sport that provides thrilling sensations from the very first moment on the track. Bring warm and comfortable clothing and remember to wear gloves to protect your hands.

In Auron on the ice or in Saint Etienne de Tinée and its artificial ice rink, you can have fun whether you are a beginner or want to try a “salto”.

The ice rink in Auron offers pétanque on ice entertainment to vary the pleasures. Information and registration on the central square of Auron and on 00 334 93 23 37 43.

5 – Ride on ice on the mythical Andros Trophy circuit!

If you want to combine business with pleasure and improve your driving skills on snow, the Isola 2000 circuit is for you.
Several possibilities are available to you, from a first speed test as a co-driver to an advanced training course, you will be able to follow in the footsteps of the champions.

To discover the mythical ice circuit which hosts the Andros Trophy, head for the P1 car park at Isola 2000.

Information AT 2000 Ice Circuit: 00 334 93 23 91 32

6 – Speed on a snowmobile

To end the day in style, I suggest a late afternoon ride on your bike. The ski area is yours!

Nothing is more romantic than a journey under the stars among the larch trees. In complete safety and under the supervision of experienced guides, you will be able to initiate yourself to this very original activity from the resort.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the machine and the safety instructions, you will set off alone or accompanied on your snow scooter for a one-hour circuit in the forest on the tracks around Isola 2000 and Auron.

AT 2000 Moto neige : 00 334 93 23 91 32 – day and late afternoon outings in Isola.

Auron Motoneiges : ou 06 14 01 39 85

7 – Spoiled for choice…

The resorts of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolitan area offer a host of other activities, accessible to the whole family.

Snowman competitions, snow sculptures, igloo village, golf on snow, hockey initiation, archery, photo trekking, petanque on ice, biathlon initiation, bootcamp… You see, there are various activities in the resort, so that everyone can find what they want and spend a great holiday in the mountains, with or without skis on.

For my part, I am also conquered by a pleasant shopping day, to discover 100% mountain products and which ends with a good mulled wine and a cocooning evening by the fireplace. A hushed atmosphere, no noise around, through the window only white and peaks, smile and relax, you are in the resort. Here, you take the time to live….

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Visitor advisor at the Saint-Dalmas Le Selvage Information Office, Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolitan CVB