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Products with PDO

Wines of Bellet

It is impossible to talk about Nice’s gastronomy without talking about wine. Appreciated by wine connoisseurs, the slopes of Bellet produce quite remarkable wines, whose reputation has long since spread beyond our borders.

Nice is the only large city to have a controlled appellation (A.O.P. since 1941): Bellet wine, red, white and rosé. Its annual production is about 50,000 bottles. Attractive visits allow you to discover the local cultures and the traditional methods of production.

Olive and Olive Oil

The Olive de Nice is protected by two Protected Designations of Origin: a “Huile d’olive de Nice PDO” for its sweet and fruity oil and an “Olive de Nice PDO” for its table olive and its pâte d’olive de Nice PDO.
For more than two millennia, the olive tree has been an integral part of the Nice landscape. In some orchards in production, you can still find olive trees that are several hundred years old.

The Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) Olive de Nice and Olive Oil of Nice cover a territory of 99 communes, on hills and slopes, from the Grasse region to the Mentonnais region, from the sea to the mountains. An appellation of origin lives thanks to the passion, competence and know-how of its operators. In the Alpes-Maritimes, olive growers, confectioners and millers have been working with the Nice olive for a very long time.