What to do in Nice on a rainy day?

21 December 2023

You came to Nice to enjoy the sun and the special light that can only be found here (see our article « Nice, unique colours and light»). Except, that is, the rain invites itself during your stay. Don’t panic! We have listed 15 activities that will make you forget the bad weather and keep your spirits high…

1 – Visit the museums

The first thing we think of when we are on holiday and it rains is, of course, to visit museums. And in this domain, Nice offers you a very varied panel! The city indeed counts about fifteen municipal, departmental or national museums. There is something for everyone! Archaeology, prehistory, modern art, natural history, photography, sports, paintings… Take your pick! Many museums also offer creative workshops for your children, as well as guided or audio tours.

My advice

Go for the « French Riviera Pass ». The “city card” is available in 3 durations (24, 48, or 72hrs). It allows you to visit all the municipal and national museums in Nice as well as many other tourist sites on the Côte d’Azur (60 sites are included in the pass), free of charge after its purchase.

2 – Be amazed by the Phoenix Park greenhouse

Tropical atmosphere at the Park Phoenix, in the west of Nice! The largest greenhouse in Europe, known as the “Green Diamond”, offers you an exceptional visit. Over 7,000 m2, the exuberant flora and reconstituted tropical and sub-tropical climates will take you on a journey to several latitudes: southern Africa, Central America, Australia… In all, 2,500 plant and animal species (iguanas, turtles, crocodiles, insects…) are waiting for you, all year round!

3 – Discover the Cuisine Nissarde during a workshop

Did you know that the “Cuisine Nissarde” has a label of authenticity and that it is part of the national intangible cultural heritage  (read our blog post « cuisine niçoise and national heritage ») ? What better way to learn about the cuisine of Nice and its importance in the local culture than to take a class with a chef? Several workshops are offered to teach you how to make a good daube à la niçoise, a sweet chard pie, tasty gnocchi or authentic barbajuans.

4 – Create your own perfume

For 5 generations, the Molinard perfumery excels in all the stages of creating a fragrance. In Old Nice, the shop welcomes young and old alike and invites you to participate in one of its perfume creation workshops. Compose your own fragrance according to your desires and preferences, from 90 olfactory essences! You will then leave with your own creation!

@Parfumerie Molinard

5 – Express creativity in an art workshop

There’s no age limit for having fun with colours! Painting, watercolour, gouache, acrylic charcoal… Let your creativity express itself during a workshop, under the eye of a painter. He or she will be able to give you valuable advice on how to start or improve your skills. Do you prefer pottery? In Nice, everything is possible!

6 – Do some shopping in the malls

Admit it… Shopping centres are the perfect place to forget about the dullness! The pretty shop windows and the prospect of finding a top or a pair of trousers with a perfect fit will certainly bring sunshine into your heart! What’s more, the prospect of a cup of coffee or hot chocolate to recover from your emotions will not leave you unmoved…

7 – Treat yourself to a moment of total relaxation

It is when it is cold and rainy outside that you can best appreciate an elegantly decorated spa or a private hammam. A massage or a facial will also plunge you into a well-being and a bubble of happiness that you will never want to leave. It would be a real shame not to take advantage of your holiday to think about yourself a little!

8 – Try your luck at the casino

100% of the winners tried their luck. So why not you? In a hushed atmosphere, whether you are a fan or just curious, vibrate to the sound of the slot machines. The jingle rings out! Congratulations, you’ve won the jackpot! You can also bet on red or black in Roulette or bluff your opponent in Poker. May luck be with you!

9 – Attend a play

National theatre or intimate theatres, the city of Nice has a multitude of rooms where comedy, tragedy or vaudeville are expressed with strength and talent. Many performances are offered throughout the year. Without claiming to rival the Parisian programme, Nice’s is sufficiently rich and varied to satisfy all audiences.

10 – Have fun at an escape game

Can you meet the challenge of a life-size escape game? Use your wits to solve the various riddles that will allow you to emerge victorious from this hellish room. Infernal? Yes, but fun and fascinating! Awaken the Arsène Lupin in you and live a new adventure that you won’t soon forget!

11 – Put on skates and try a pirouette on the ice

The runway is clear at the Jean Bouin ice rink. It’s time to gain confidence and speed! Easy to say… I know… But some people move with such ease that we think we can do it too. Come on, a bit of courage… We start by leaving the edge of the rink and we go for a lap to the sound of music. Not bad! Soon the pirouettes and the Olympic Games!

12 –  Watch a film

The big screen and the 7th art offer you great moments of emotion and entertainment. Nice has many cinemas with perfect acoustics. For purists or foreigners, some of them show films in their original version. Grab your ticket and popcorn and sit back in one of the comfortable seats. The lights go out… Now enjoy your film!

13 – Improve your crawl, butterfly and breaststroke

Be like a fish in water in the Jean Bouin indoor Olympic pool. Challenge your breath on the 50 m long course and try to beat your own distance record. The water line is free. Jump into the water! No one is looking at you, you can even try backstroke, butterfly or breaststroke.

14 – Walk in the rain and discover a completely different Nice

It’s raining! It doesn’t matter! Put on your rain coat and head for the Promenade des Anglais! When the parasols give way to umbrellas, the place takes on a whole new poetry. Enjoy the magic of the moment! Tomorrow, under the sun, the panorama will be quite different!

15 – Enjoy a day of mountain activities in a 100% indoor site 1 hour from Nice

If the weather conditions are not too bad, take the road towards the high country of Nice in the direction of Saint-Martin-Vésubie. 1 hour from Nice, the Vesubia Mountain Park answers your thirst for adventure. It’s the perfect spot for swimming (250 m2 pool), climbing (rope course and climbing), descending a canyon (1h30 supervised activity), doing sport (fitness area, aquabike) or relaxing (balneo area and massages)… Unique in Europe, this immense 3,000 m² covered sports complex will delight all members of your family!

Nice offers you the promise of a successful stay, even when it rains!

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