UNESCO : Campo Longo Croix-de-marbre

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The sublime Campo Longo district in the Croix-de-marbre sector

The Campo Longo district, also known as Longchamp, emerged as a result of resort development on the right bank of the Paillon, which was originally used for agriculture. The Croix-de-marbre district lies to the west of the commercial avenue Jean Médecin. Its streets boast many remarkable facades, original churches and a magnificent garden right in the heart of the town.

Our top 5 must-sees on Campo Longo!

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Former American Episcopalian Church of the Holy Spirit

Now the Temple of the Reformed Church of France, this place of worship was created in 1887 for American vacationers staying in Nice. Its neo-Gothic style sets it apart from other churches in Nice.

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Marie-Christine Palace

The building takes its name from Marie-Christine, Queen of Sardinia, who visited Nice in 1828 in the company of the King. Originally a rural house, it was later transformed into a rental home for winter guests.

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Donadei building

Designed by architect Charles Dalmas, this large building is representative of many buildings in Nice. You’ll find it on boulevard Victor Hugo.

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Alsace Lorraine Garden

This garden gives Nice residents the opportunity to stroll in a beautiful green setting right in the heart of the city. It was originally named ” King’s Garden ” in homage to King Wurtemberg, a frequent visitor to Nice. It was later named after the two provinces taken by the Germans during the First World War.

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La Pergola Building

This stunning 1920s art-deco façade has recently been repainted to bring back all its color. This building on the corner of rue Verdi also features a sublime colorful mosaic that has remained intact over the years.

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