UNESCO : Mont Boron

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The “perched” district of Mont Boron

Mont Boron lies to the east of Nice, between the lower and middle Corniches, and is easily recognizable thanks to its limestone hills sheltering numerous villas. Overlooking the entire Baie des Anges, this mountain was the site of a major construction boom from the XIXᵉ century onwards, when stunning villas with gardens were built for holiday-makers.

Our top 5 must-sees on Mont Boron!

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Salvy Palace

Designed to accommodate winter guests, this sublime villa was built around 1850. The Palace has long been renowned for being “in the middle of the day, and the best water in town is in the house itself”.

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Former restaurant La réserve

Ideally located for fishing, this building began life as a popular seafood restaurant. It was later converted into apartments and, until now, a restaurant.

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Villa La côte

This villa was one of the first to be built on Mont Boron. Originally built as a healthcare facility, it is now the administrative court.

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Château de l’Anglais

This huge, colorful building was the creation of “folie Smith”, a retired English engineer who built his astonishing castle on over two hectares of land.

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Villa Beau-site

This villa, which overlooks the Mediterranean, is also a symbol of the excessiveness of holidaymakers. It is currently awaiting renovation to restore it to its former grandeur.

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