UNESCO : Campo Longo Saint Jean Baptiste

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The pretty Campo Longo district in Saint Jean Baptiste sector

The Campo Longo district, also known as Longchamp, emerged as a result of vacationing on the right bank of the Paillon, which was originally used for agriculture. The Saint-Jean-Baptiste district lies to the east of the commercial Avenue Jean Médecin. Here you’ll find sumptuous buildings, old villas and even a Waldensian temple.

Our top 5 must-sees on Campo Longo!

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Hôtel Masséna

Easily recognizable with its Belle Époque façade, the hotel was created to welcome foreign aristocrats. It’s easy to spot on the corner of Via Gioffredo.

@Centre du patrimoine

Waldensian Temple

This neo-classical building was originally dedicated to Protestant worship. It is now used as an auction room.

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Former William’s hotel

This Belle Époque-style hotel was built in 1909 as a luxury hotel for vacationers. Today, it’s still a hotel, and also boasts offices, not far from the commercial avenue Jean Médecin.

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Former Villa Rambourg

The current Romain Gary municipal library is a huge villa built by Bernardin Maraini. It also features a charming garden for lounging.

@Centre du patrimoine

Former Grand Hôtel de la Paix

Built to welcome travelers from all over the world, today’s Hotel Aston La Scala boasts 149 rooms and suites. In 1919, it underwent a facelift by the famous architect Charles Dalmas.

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