UNESCO : Cimiez

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The royal Cimiez!

Cimiez developed during the Belle Époque, and it was during this period that the district reached its peak with the arrival of numerous vacationers. Promoted by the arrival of Queen Victoria, the district welcomed many crowned heads, making it a sought-after area with grandiose hotels. Today, Cimiez is a highly demanded residential and family district.

Our top 5 must-sees in Cimiez!


Former Excelsior Regina hotel

This huge palace was built in 1896 to welcome Queen Victoria. The Queen had a separate entrance from the other guests. It was later converted into a luxury apartment building, and was inhabited by the famous painter Henri Matisse.

Monument to Queen Victoria

A statue of Queen Victoria of England was sculpted in 1912 by Maubert. It now stands in front of the gardens of the Hotel Regina as a reminder of her visits.

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Villa il Paradiso

Villa Il Paradiso is located at the bottom of the Cimiez district, and was built for the wealthy businessman Adolphe Sicard. During the Second World War, it housed the boarders of the Villa Medici, confiscated by the dictator Mussolini.

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Former Winter Palace

This former hotel was designed by the famous architect Charles Dalmas in 1900. It also has a huge park reserved for its residents.

Tony Pin Palace

Palace Tony Pin is one of the first palaces built in Cimiez with the sole aim of being a residence and not a hotel like most properties of the period.

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