A walk in the footsteps of Belle et Sebastian – Gordolasque Valley

A simple hike filled with amazing landscapes in the Gordolasque Valley, in the footsteps of history and poetry with, as a bonus, the discovery of the authentic Belle et Sébatien hut!

How do I get there?

To join the start of this hike, you must go to the small village of Belvédère and take the small road leading to the foot of the Vallée de la Gordolasque (the valley is very well indicated). Stay on this road until you reach the terminus where there is a large free car park. As a bonus, halfway between the village and the valley is a beautiful waterfall.

Once you have arrived at the car park, take the small wooden footbridge and continue on this path about thirty minutes. There, over the water and springs running on your right, it is not impossible to cross a few flocks of sheep or cows. The path is quite simple and relatively flat.

At the intersection (which is located just after a new wooden bridge), go up on your right following the small path that will take you between two mountain peaks. Along the way you can admire a magnificent waterfall (de l’Estrech) on your left.

After about fifteen minutes, you will reach the Mur des Italiens, a former toll booth on the salt route. From here, the view of the valley of Gordolasque, hollowed by glaciers, is breathtaking. It is not impossible to cross a few chamois, ibex and other mountain animals.

The house of Belle & Sebastian

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Go back down via the same path but, arrived at the crossing, cross the torrent by taking a new footbridge and walk along the stream. After twenty minutes or so, you will arrive in front of a tiny house next to a huge rock.

This stone building was used for the filming of the series ” Belle et Sebastian” in spring 1964! A commemorative plaque was affixed in 2014, in the presence of the actor Medhi.

Finish your loop by continuing the small path to reach the car park a hundred meters away.

What a beautiful valley!

This hike is ideal to discover the incredible valley of the Gordolasque. Due to its rather simple level, it remains accessible to a large number of people and will give you the opportunity to discover the breathtaking landscapes of this valley, which has remained intact. In addition, immersing yourself in Belle et Sébastien’s natural settings will bring back many childhood memories. And it is quite likely that, like me, you are humming all along the ride, the songs of this mythical and magical series.

Between snow in winter, wild flowers in spring, mild summer and lots of water in autumn, this valley will offer you different landscapes in all seasons.

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Possible variation

For the more courageous, it is possible to reach Lake Autier from the “Mur des Italiens”, but you should allow an extra two hours on your walk.

Practical advice and information

  • Check the weather forecast. In the mountains, thunderstorms can arrive quickly.
  • Remember to take warm clothes, the temperature can be very cool, even in summer.
  • Not far from Lake Autier, you have the opportunity to make a small stop at the refuge of Nice.
  • Hiking shoes recommended.

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