First dive with Passion Scuba Diving – Saint-Laurent du Var

I threw myself into the water for my greatest pleasure! Having grown up in the Nice region, the sea has always had an important place in my life. However, I never had the opportunity to try scuba diving. It was with great excitement that I accepted the offer of the tourist information office of Saint-Laurent-du-Var for the page “We tested for you”.

I set off for the port of Saint-Laurent-du-Var to find the team of the diving center “Passion Scuba Diving” where I was to have my first dive.

After a nice welcome, I am accompanied to the boat where they give me a suit to my size; I am then invited to change on the front of the boat (it is advisable to already wear your swimsuit because there is no cabin).

After splitting into two groups, the new and the experienced divers, the team gives us instructions and answers our questions and apprehensions.

Once the information was given, we were able to fully appreciate the sea ride (about 45 minutes) to reach our dive site in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

It’s time to jump in!

The anchor thrown in one of the coves of the harbor of Villefranche-sur-Mer, Antoine, the monitor in charge of my initiation, explains to me then that it will come to pick me up during the second rotation. In the meantime, I took advantage of the boat at my leisure to jump, to swim in the sea.

On his return, the monitor equipped me in the water; after the ajustment of the mask and breathing tests with the regulator, Antoine reminded me once again of the essential actions to practice under water and during the dive. During the dive, I was well supervised and felt reassured. Antoine holding my hand to guide me, I had nothing to do, just to admire the beauty and richness of the fauna and flora funds. 

In less than 6 meters of water, my eyes have seen wonders: the passage of schools of fish of all kinds, the discovery of octopus, moray eels, sea urchins … Pure happiness … I looked everywhere not to not miss a single detail of the show.

Back on the boat and having taken off our equipment, it was time to leave. During the navigation, a member of the crew gave us a briefing on the marine species encountered under water. It was also a moment of sharing and conviviality between the young initiates we were. On our lips was already drawing the desire to pass our Level 1 dive!

I encourage you to live this underwater experience!


  • Open all year
  • Meet at 8:30 or 14:30 from Tuesday to Saturday.
  • Outings also possible on Mondays and Sundays by half-days
  • On reservation
  • Duration: between 20 and 30 minutes
  • Depth: maximum 6 meters
  • 1 monitor per initiation
  • First dive certificate issued after the activity
  • Good quality and clean material
  • From the age of 8
  • Bring your swimsuit and towel
  • Professional and warm team

Passion Scuba Diving offers 

. Accompanied Diving
. Training all levels
. Internships for children

Cover photo: @passion scuba diving

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Visitor advisor at the Saint-Laurent-du-Var Information Office, Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolitan CVB.